Blog Dare Challenge - Day 13 June - If I were in charge..

Hmm, so today's blog dare challenge is if I were in charge...well I am in charge of a lot of things right now..but lets see...
If I was in charge of lets just say this town that I live in...I would do some adjusting to where there is NO way that we would be spending over a million dollars on a new high school (they did this last year) with mostly windows!! I understand that we need a new high school, I agree with that but there was no reason in my eyes spending over a million dollars on a building out in the boonies!!! Still in our town but out in the boonies with mostly windows and from what I heard from the kids no basement or anywhere for the kids to go in case of a storm/tornado etc. We have tornadoes around here a lot!! We are use to it and we are used to having a lot of storms as well so that is why I don't understand or get that they spent all that Money on the school but yet they have it with a ton of glass windows all over it? Wouldn't that be the last thing that you would want when we are in a dangerous place to have storms which means hail!! The last time I checked hail can break windows!! Ok and even if they wanted the pretty glass windows all around the school why not build a basement or somewhere the kids can go into when bad weather comes our way?
Then I heard that they were spending millions on a splash park thing...ok make a splash park but this town is only 20,000 or maybe a little more/less ..why would this town (mostly college kids since we have a University here) why would we need to spend millions of dollars on a splash park that won't be used but literally a few months out of the year?!!!!
If I was in charge, we would make something to where we could make a big place that would be open year round...a skating rink, a cinema, bowling alley all in one, and make a place for a food bar and things like oriented but geez not millions of dollars!! That just seems too outrageous to me with only 20,000 people here!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of money for 20,000 people! But I'm with you. I'd build something for ALL people to enjoy not just a select few. I live in an even smaller town, only 2,000 people and we face the same things here, usually the money is for the police and sheriff departments.. Ugh. Don't even get me started. The crime rate here is near zero..


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