Train blowing whistle!!

I am so sick of the freaking trains coming through here and blowing its whistles on week nights Sun-Thursday at all hours of the night/morning but yet on Friday and Saturday's they don't blow them past like 11pm!!! But on the week nights like tonight, there they are blowing them and not just for a minute...a few minutes! On and off and on and off!! Grr there should be something that they can't blow them but once and not after a certain time! Do they not know that 3/4 of the town is going to sleep or trying to go to sleep and that people have school and work in the morning????
I swear this town is worse then when we lived with the train tracks behind our house years and years ago and they didn't go by all hours of the night like they do here!! They went during the day and even then didn't blow the whistle this much and this loud!