Is today Monday??

I swear that today is Monday all over again and then some!!! As a matter of fact, I don't even think my Monday was this freaking bad! So with the train coming by every 10 minutes and blasting its whistle for 5 minutes and with the stupid bank messing up and sending the paycheck back to the employer because of the compliance issue? We didn't get paid today! Ticked off about that and then the train and its whistling is driving me nutty!!!
I called the bank yet again this morning, asked to speak to a supervisor and still am being told a few different things....first I found out WHY they put my account on a restricted status because hubby's name was on the payroll, not my name!! I have had this damn bank and card for 7 freaking years and his paychecks have gone in there before and just NOW they are starting to question it??? I might could understand things if his last name was different then mine etc but nope we are married so our last names are the same! Good grief ... Really???
So then I ask questions and told her I faxed my id/ss card to the number 2 times and also emailed it a couple of times in assurance that they would get it and know that I am serious and need this fixed ASAP!! They put me on hold for awhile (that is so freaking rude to just put you on hold and not come back on the line after a minute and say still working on it please wait or something!!) And they said that they did receive it and emailed it to the compliance department and then she said that it takes 3-5 days and then right after said it usually takes 7-10 days? Ok so which freaking one is it??? They don't know their darn heads from their rear ends! So I will be yet again calling back in an hour or so and seeing the status of this because it is such bull!! I will never deal with them again!! I will get another bank account and not deal with those idiots again. And I feel for all the others that they are doing this too and have done this too because I am sure that I am not the only one who has my name on an account and has their spouse deposit money in the account! Dang!