Survivor tonight

Tonight is Survivor, I keep thinking for some reason that it comes on Thursday nights so I missed it last week but the good news, I caught up with it tonight online so I am back up to speed on it and now I am ready for it to start in 30 minutes and I can't wait to see what happens this time. I love the show. I am so going for Rob this time. I am glad that they got Russell out and Rob is playing smart this time...and I love the entertainment that he's doing! LOL...
Do you watch Survivor and if you do, who are you wanting to win and who are you wanting to go home?
I want that nut Philip to go home! I can't stand him and he seems to be driving everyone nutty so hopefully they will get him out soon..of course the 2 girls that seems to think that its just a little getaway there and don't do any work, they can go home at any time too!


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