Apparently griping to an SV works!!

Well we got the money situation fixed! I was going to call them again and ask to speak to a higher up manager instead of the sv figuring I wouldn’t get anywhere with her again…so I thought well I will call and check my balance and see if it will even go through this time since when they restricted it or whatever it wouldn’t even take my card number to check the balance..I called and checked it about 2:45 or so today and it was on there! My goodness though they were a pain in the butt and I had to rush around and go out and do all the errands and then come home and take my oldest son to gamestop to get his xbox 360 and then rush back home in time for my orientation which started late! But at least everything is up to speed now and its done. I think that me telling them that I have been with them for 7+ years and they were going to lose me hit a nerve!! Because someone somewhere got the message and got off their butts and actually did there job!!!

I was proud of myself though for keeping my cool even though I wanted to holler I didn’t..I know what its like being on the other end as a customer service rep so I kept my cool but I tell you what..I am debating on keeping my other money going there still or not..debating on just putting it somewhere else  and my new job money won’t be going there that’s for sure!!