Casey Anthony being released on the 13th of July

I don't know about all of your feelings but mine on this subject is that she doesn't deserve to get out for any reason. She's a liar and she's covering something up. She needs to stay behind bars but as the news has been saying, Judge Perry did what he could and gave her the max amount of time for each of the 4 little counts of lying to the police officer which was a year each I believe and she's served nearly 3 years or so and then for good behavior so they are letting her out next week on the 13th. I think its a shame.

My question is, where will she go?? Will her parents just let her back into there house with open arms after all the trouble that the trial has caused both of them? the way that she accused her dad and brother of the molestation and the way that her mom lied for her and committed purgery just to say that it was her at home doing the searches when she was indeed at work. I wouldn't let her back into my house with open arms! But thats just me and my opinion. I feel for the family and all the BS that they have been put through for the past 3 years, sad and shameful that its come down to this.


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