So the verdict is in on the Casey Anthony case - do you agree with it??

I have heard about the case, I have watched some of the trial, not all but about half or so. Just a few things that I have heard set off alarms with me and said guilty but I guess if the jury comes back with 3 counts of NOT GUILTY for killing her daughter and 4 counts of guilty for the charges of falsifying info to the police then they heard/saw more then I did in the court room!!!
I don't agree with it. I think that she's guilty and I think that with her going out partying and not saying anything about her own 2 year old daughter missing for 30 days says it all....Guilty!! But apparently the jury didn't feel the same way...unanimously! I guess that her trunk smelling of decomposing smells of a dead body in it for the longest time didn't set off any alarms or questions in there mind and I guess that getting a tattoo on her shoulder saying the phrase in whatever language it was that means beautiful life didn't set off any alarms in there minds, is this really what this country has come too??? I find it ridiculous that she is basically going to be a free woman in the next few days probably! Ridiculous and outrageous that a woman that shows absolutely NO emotions when talking about her baby being found dead but has a tiny bit of emotion when talking about how different people grieve .... I find it outrageous that she showed any emotion at all when whoever was on the stand mentioned her but none when they mentioned her deceased daughter!!! How sick is she??? And how disrespectful is she?????? Her daughter gone and she's getting a tattoo that says beautiful life?? How the hell do you figure that anyone is going to have a beautiful life when there 2 year old daughter is missing??!!!!
Just my to share your's?          


  1. OH-MY-GOD!!! It happened again! A person on trial who is obviously guilty as SIN, is found NOT guilty! I could not help but recall the OJ Simpson trial, with a DUMB JURY and its NOT guilty verdict. My gut reaction to it was: "Murder is now legal in California!" Now here we are today with the Casey Anthony trial, another DUMB JURY and another NOT guilty verdict. My reaction to it was, "Child-killing is now legal in Florida!"


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