Closing Arguments - Casey Anthony trial (thoughts)

All I can say about this case is that the way that she went partying 30-31 days while her daughter was "missing" tells me that she was trying to get her mind off of what she had done...that was completely wrong!! And then to get the tatoo that says whatever the words are that means Beautiful Life ... How the heck do you see it as a beautiful life when your daughter is missing and you tell no one but go out partying and playing around is more important then knowing where your daughter is? And then when it finally comes out that she's missing you don't call the cops, your mother does! And then when it all comes down on you, you decide to blame everyone else but yourself for everything and when you find yourself in a very very deep hole you decide to bring up the thing of sexual abuse? OMG Really you think that is going to get you out of this mess?? I don't believe that happened or else I think that it would of been brought up and something done about it before all this came out and I don't really understand how/why the affair that did or didn't happen between the grandfather George and the lady whatever her name is..what does that have to do with this case?? I just don't understand that and how it came into play because those 2 adults lives and there issues with the affair or whatever have nothing to do with a sweet innocent little girl being killed!!! Just my opinion, please feel free to leave your comments


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