Need a FREE $25??

Good evening ladies. I just wanted to share something with you all, last night or the night before I saw a journal post on here about getting free $25 so I pm'd the mom and asked her for details and she told me it was by invite only to sign up for a site like paypal. So I thought ok thats easy enough and I know that Paypal is free so I thought ok and she sent me an invite. Well I just clicked on it and registered with them earlier tonight and you know what?? It took about 2 minutes to register for free with them and then they sent me my money right after that!!! A matter of seconds!! So I now have $25 in the account, now all I have to do is verify my bank account which shouldn't take a couple of business days for them to make 2 small deposits in there and then I verify the amounts and then I move that $25 into my account!! That easy!! So I am sending out this invite to all of my cafemom friends and even some that aren't my friends, if you would like to get a free $25 then just leave me a comment here and I will pm you for your email addy or you can pm me with you addy and I will send you out an invite asap. Now I don't know if you all heard this or not, but last night on the news, I heard that by summer that gas was going to reach $4/gallon and you konw what?? I don't dought it considering that its gone up 17cents so far or more just this month!!!! So if your like me and could definately use that $25 on gas taking the kids to school or maybe to go out and do grocery shopping and put gas in the tank or whatever you need, everyone could use an extra few bucks now and then and for me that $25 will pay on a bill or put gas in the truck or half and half!! I am going to put it to good use either way!! So pm me and let me know that you want your free $25 to and I will send you an invite...ok have a great night everyone..hugs

E-mail me with FREE $25 invite please in the subject


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