Mobile - no more 2 for $1 m&m's but dang she was RUDE and the sign was still up!!

So earlier today while we were out and about running errands etc. We went to the Mobile at Wal-Mart to get Leon's dip and I went up there with him and the sign was still up that said plain as day M&M's and Snicker's 2/$1 so I thought cool I will grab a few for the kids, so I picked up 4 M&M's and said 4 of these too please and she said oh no that is over! And I said the sign is right there and she snatched it down and I said ok never mind!
Rude!! I think that she should of honored it anyway!! I mean damn the sign was right there on the window and the box of candy was right there on the thing in front of the window!! Ticks me off when they don't take down the signs of specials that are over!


  1. They ARE supposed to honor it! And again, you're a much nicer person than I because she def. would've been selling those M&M's to me at the ADVERTISED price! So irritating when people don't do their jobs!

  2. Yea see that is what I thought too but I just said fine or whatever and that was that...I can be a pain in the butt when I want to be but I guess because they were busy and I was irritable as it was I just dropped it and said whatever .. but I walked away mumbling a thing or two!! LOL


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