Blog Dare - Day 20 - I am strong because...

I am strong because I have grown as a person in more ways in the past year and all in a good way.
I am a strong person because of all the crap that I have dealt with and weathered through my life. I am strong because I am a woman and mother of 4 great teenagers. And I am strong because of all the support I have from my friends.

I am thankful that I have all the great friends that I do and I cherish each of them. I am strong because I am becoming an independent woman and I am setting my goals and working on them daily.

I have been working here at home for over 10 years and love it, I think that has made me stronger seeing that I can be a mom and take care of my kids but also work at home and make a living and not have to bring my kids to day care. I was very fortunate to not have to go out in the world and work and miss all the things that I have done and seen with each of my kids.

I am strong because I am finding me!!


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