Blog Dare - Day 19 - ...and that is why it was a little creepy.

...and that is why it was a little creepy.

Hmm, not too sure about this one...hmm a little creepy....I can't think of anything that was a little creepy..hmm, well maybe that my orange cat Pumpkin held out until the evening of my birthday to have her kittens and this kitty of mine, she is a pumpkin lol that of course is how she got her name...well when she had her babies this was creepy when we saw one solid black one come out in the midst of all the orange ones! That was sorta creepy because she's only ever had all orange babies. A couple might of been tanish but always orange/tan never another color and this time one black one! Yea kinda creepy in a way! lol...will post pics...


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