Blog Dare - Day 22 - Wearing pajamas in public...

Blog Dare - Day 22 - Wearing pajamas in public...

I wouldn't personally wear my pj's in public and sometimes, depending on what they look like, I think it looks ok but other times some of the ones that people decide to wear are just out there and outrageous! I don't have anything against it unless like I said its just trashy looking or something like that. But honestly why on earth would you wear pajamas out in public? You don't have time to change into regular clothes to go out in public then why go out in public?


  1. Guilty. I've lived in such small towns in my life that running out in your jams was no big deal and I never think anything of it when I see other people doing it. In the winter my long coat covers me up but depending on where I'm going, chances are I may have my jams on. I went and picked up chinese in my jams last night!


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