My Birthday!!

My birthday!
I had a good one birthday wish came true so that made my day better I couldn't ask for more.
Very quiet with the kids gone for the whole week but I know that they are having fun and enjoying there selves so that is all that matters, as long as they are having a good time on there spring break.
I spoiled myself, got up and went to Sonic and got myself a free rt 44 (love the surveys they do to get a free rt 44) and I got myself a bacon egg and cheese toaster! YUM! Enjoyed it a lot. Then later on I went and got a large blizzard from Dairy Queen...hardly ever go there for the blizzards because they are so flipping expensive but since they have that special of buy one and get one for .99 cents heck yea! That is more reasonable so for 2 medium ones its only $5, not too bad! Better then the $9 or so it would of been without the special!


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