Cold and Rainy day

Monday, November 10, 2008


Cold and Rainy day
Category: Life

Good morning. Its freaking COLD here! I hate the cold and winter time. I wish it could be 50-70 all year long.

I need to get started on calling the businesses that I was given and put in there emails and or websites if any give them to me, no luck so far..ugh! We get 50cents for each and I haven't gotten a one yet!

I would rather blog! I don't like being told no thanks but only so many times til it gets old! But thats the job for now.

We brought Bear's kittens in here and they are all cuddled up and sleeping. They were on my lap with Halo til Leon moved them.

I woke up this morning to bleeding. Not sure what is going on yet again...this is driving me crazy! I have read that its ok to have a light period(s) while pg then I read that its not ok and ugh I dont know. I don't have money to go to the dr so I am thinking about the health department. Something is going on and I need and want to know what it is. I am not stressed, were doing alright so it can't be because of that. Its frustrating.

So today on my to-do list is getting the rest of the calls done from the first list, turning it in and going for the 2nd list..Then maybe blogging tonight b/c I want and need the extra money for next week. I got $40 going into my bank account but I need more for the cable. Not to mention I hope that the other job gets me some clients and then I can really relax and make some darn good extra money for things including Christmas and paying off next months electric bill..ick!

Have a great week everyone


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