Tuesday that seems like a Monday

    So this morning I got rudely awakened by Leon's mouth. I didn't feel good last night, toothache which are never any fun and yet he wakes me up early and then gripes at me b/c he missed the trash today. MEN! He blames it on me saying well you didn't tell me...um yea we have lived here a year and a half and for all that time our trash days have been on Tuesday and Friday's but yet he doesn't remember and can't keep track of it, yet I am supposed to add it to my list of to do's and remind him every Tues and Fri b/c oh I am SO sure he just has SO much to remember in that little pea sized brain of his! UGH!
    Then I log into ChaCha and they now have taken the money out of that account for the pay me now feature the balance is $0 but there is nothing in my bank account. So I put in feedback and just checked it and so YAY its in there now..FINALLY! Everyone was freaking out last night with the talk of lower pay and such and then the Pay Me Now wasn't working so therefore people were really frustrated and ticked off to say the least. They are doing a bonus thing for everyone tonight for 24 hours the ones that get the top guides or the first 50 that get the most searches in 24 hours and do good on the accuracy and QA get $20 in there account. Hmm well that might be working for but tonight my show "I survived a Japanese Game Show" Finale comes on and I am watching it from 7-9 I think it comes on and I am watching that and it starts with chacha from like 7 or so I think well anyway so later on tonight I will do the chacha thing. Right now its time to relax and try not to stress so much over all the BS with chacha and the pc.
    Oh my pc messed up, wouldn't load flock right and when it did, it closed it out with a runtime error pop up thing. So me and Leon switched out pc's and so I am putting GW on this one and installing it to relax.
    Then earlier Leon let the washer flood the kitchen again and some of the carpet in the front room!!!! GRR!! So I am ticked about that its ridiculous so were going to have to get things together and walk a block with our baskets of clothes and go do them at the laudromat by the little store. But at least its just a block and not more then that.
    We are going to enroll Jesse and Sean tomorrow, I still don't feel to good today and had the toothache for most of the day and just not in a good mood! So we will do it tomorrow morning early. It was yesterday and today but I am sure others are doing what we are doing to. At least everything is the same nothings changed for the 2 little ones.
    Good news weather wise for tomorrow, partly cloudy and the highs in the 90's yay! Its been thriple digits here for awhile.
    Leon will go and do his plasma thing tomorrow later in the afternoon and then will wait to do it again til Saturday b/c I don't like it that he did it Wed then skipped one day and do it again on Friday that just tired him out to much and he took to many naps that day and the day after. So maybe with him doing it Wed and Sat it will do him better. His left arm is bruised from the elbow bend down to almost his wrist.
    But for now, I am trying to get my head together, relax, the kids are driving me CRAZY!!!!! The boys have been at each others throats fussing over little things since this morning. Chris and Sean fighting about whose shirt is whose and who wears what..omg get over it! We went through there clothes to see whats what and what they can and can't wear for school and Jesse has more then she said and Sean has plenty b/c hes still little but Chris, I don't know where his jeans are?? I don't know what that child has done with his jeans..or shorts for that matter! He puts them up and then can't find them? GRR! So its ebay time for me to look for him clothes and Jesse a few and Jared a ton. My mom said that she was looking for him some but nothing yet..great a week and a two days til school starts and nothing yet..wonderful!
    So yea that is my day...YIKES! Oh and in other news...yesterday I chatted with my step daughter on yahoo messenger and she might be straightening up. She said that she was rolling smokes to make sure that she had enough to last her before she left and I asked where she was going and she said to volunteer...yea Volunteer..hmmm interesting and I said where and she said Salvation army and I said oh serving lunch and she said no at the thrift store and I said oh ok. Come to find out that she has a couple of friends there that work and or volunteer there and they get to go through the things that people bring up there to donate and some of the things they get to keep so she was going up there to help out. Shes hoping that they will like her and hire her on. I think she needs to look other places to but thats her prerogative. At least shes getting out there and doing something.
    Thats about it for now, hope that everyone has a good day and rest of the week. Hugs
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