Pissed off at ChaCha!!!

So today I had been working most of the day for ChaCha. Come to find out early this evening I see a thing on ChaCha saying Pay Performance Program. So I am thinking cool maybe an incentive thing for us that work our butts off and do good etc. WRONG!!!!!! I am SO ticked off!! We get 20cents per question and that is alright but not the best but it does seem to add up pretty quick as long as you stay with it and I have this past weekend and got over $40. Anyway, I clicked the link, went to a video and listened to it. They are CUTTING PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the HELL do they think that is a Pay Performance when they are CUTTING pay??!! They are cutting it so now its NOT going to be 20cents a question but 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now we have to work double hard just to make a buck..literally!!!! That is just not right nor fair! So I am pissed off to say the least. So starting the 14th, next Thursday this freaking so called Pay Performance Program will take effect and I bet that chacha will see an increase in guides from now til then and then after that ha they will have a HUGE cut b/c its hardly worth working double just to make a $1 doing 10 questions instead of 5 and the answers average 2 minutes to answer. Now its going to be cutting us in half just not right or fair...I say we all need to go on STRIKE!!!!! WE the guides, just answered our freaking 10 millionith question over the weekend or the end of last week and now they are cutting pay after we were doing great just don't get it. Its all going to there damn heads and they are ripping us off!!!!!!
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