Grey Grey having kittens!!

Grey Grey having kittens!
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So this morning I half woke up by Grey Grey jumping in my face meowing and then jumping down. She got up on the chair in Leon's lap and then a few minutes later he screams MOM!!!! and I jump up and at 8:50 baby number 1 solid black from what I can tell has been born. The black baby is trying to go back in lol he keeps ending up at the other end and not in the middle where he needs to be. Leon is in here with her to and he says hes trying to get back in.
2nd one born at 10:00 and the first one was at the end when it came out! lol The 2nd one is a calico black kitty sooo pretty. I took pics and will post soonm mother and 2 kittens are doing great.


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