You can work at home - try odesk to find jobs

I know that this is a hard time for a lot of people. But seriously if your really wanting or needing to work from home, look for a job on odesk. Its free to join and all you do is fill out your profile and then you can bid on the jobs that you want. I have been working through them for a few years now and I absolutely Love it!! if you want to help me out and let them know that you found them through me, then click on the banner. Its legit and hundreds of thousands if not millions of people use it every day!! Best thing about it is after your done with your first week, you get paid every week. So this week which was Monday-Sunday you get paid for it a week after that. I love it!! You can choose to get paid through paypal, payoneer or you can have the money go to your bank account and YOU can choose a different one each week if you wish. You choose when to withdrawl the money. They put it in your account and then you can choose when and how to withdrawl it.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk


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