Justin Bieber Never Say Never

My daughter so wanted to go and see his movie Never Say Never but its not playing here at all so were out of luck for now. Thinking about driving 20 mins or so to a town to where I know its playing next Friday just so she can go and see it. She loves him!! My parents bought her one of those cardboard stand up life size Justin Bieber for Christmas! LOL..yea she screamed and had a fit and loved it!! I will never forget that and then she got 2 cd's of his and a ton of posters of him and oh my goodness the girl is crazy about him!! I remember those days back in my early teen years when it was Kirk Cameron and Ricky Shroder and oh definately Michael J. Fox :) He was one of my faves too! Times have changed so much since when I was a teen and I'm not that old!! LOL..


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