Today has been a very LONG day!!

Today has been a very long day for me. I worked ALL day long and into the evening too. The 2nd job is good, she's really putting a ton on me!! She's got me going in 50 billion different directions!! She says this and then skips off to this and then something else and its just everywhere but I am taking notes and making to-do lists and getting things done but I swear I thought it was never going to end earlier tonight! I guess that's what I can expect from taking on the other job but good grief!! Yesterday was my first day and it was ok but today was just pure chaos! I tried to get as much as I could done but when its all said and done it doesn't look like I did that much at all!! I guess b/c most of it was the training and watching training videos over things. I'm learning new things that's for sure. And learning that she's not that organized. When your in real estate you would think that you would be more organized meaning that you would know where every lease agreement is or at least have it faxed to yourself in an email or have it in a doc place somewhere saved like docusign if nothing else but nope she lost not only her lease agreement to her office building space but also the lease agreement to one of her rentals. Good grief! And she's wanting me to get a hold of them and see if they are going to pay rent or just outright evict them and then I will file all that paperwork and such if I can ... Oh brother! I don't mind its just a lot to take on and get use too. I would of had the contact info in one of my calendars or one of my emails or something somewhere but she doesn't so I have to try to get a copy of her lease agreement for her office space and the lease agreement somewhere for the tenants! I hope that I can help her get more organized and keep things in files and such here like I do for G and then save them on the PC too.
Then she was mentioning how she's going to be hiring people from India to do some work on SalesForce and how I will be helping them and checking in with them etc. I will be her except I will be called the Transactions Coordinator..yep that's me..coordinating everything from Doctor's appointments to travel arrangements to evictions and more. I love it though. I absolutely love the Real Estate field and am still considering maybe getting my license and then I can do more for her and G too.
Ok time to go to bed, 6am comes way way too early in the morning. Kids are out again for! And its another day of full time work for me 9am-7pm or so...another long day!! At least tomorrow night is payday and I can get out and go to Wally world tomorrow night if its not to bad here with the ice and snow.


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