Finally a nice quiet and relaxing evening!

I'm sitting here relaxing and trying to catch up on things and just enjoying the night, kids are quiet...YAY! They are actually getting along and playing in the living room. I am so glad that I moved my office back to my bedroom where its quiet and less stressful for me. My kids are teenagers so they shouldn't be that much trouble and usually they aren't really trouble like little kids but they are usually pestering and hollering stop or don't or so and so did this or so and so said that etc. Does this sibling rivalry crap every really stop?? My youngest is 12 1/2 years old and my oldest is going to be 18 at the end of March. How time flies!!

Anyway, tonight I am proud of them all because I haven't had to holler at them but once maybe twice and they stopped!! They are in there getting along and for the most part being have and being quiet!! YAY!


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