Got hired for a pt job tonight! Yay!

So I got hired for a part time job in the real estate field earlier tonight. my day had started out crappy but thankfully it ended pretty good. I am excited that I got hired for this position. Its part time and its what I need to get some more income coming in right now since refund sucked this year I need something else. I enjoy being an Ind. Contractor and working from home. I think that I need to get out more now and again but its just to cold to get out very much these days but this spring/summer I plan on getting out more taking the kids out and going so being stuck in the house will continue until nicer weather gets here.
I enjoy the real estate field. Was even thinking about going back to school and getting my license as a realtor..not too sure if I want to now or not..haven't completely made up my mind. I know that it would be worth it to take other office courses so I might do that and then the realtor ones. Not sure yet.
The lady is very very talkative! She was just a talking up a storm on skype earlier and then she called me and chatted rather fast but that's ok I can handle it as long as she makes a list to go with what she needs me too do and doesn't just rattle it off! She said to give her a couple of days to get things together that she wants me to do and then she will get on skype and say lets start and that will be that. So I can't wait.


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