Relaxing and listening to Delilah on the web :)

I am trying to stay relaxed tonight. I need to stay calm and relaxed before starting the 2nd job. I had put in for another job when I didn't hear from her this morning when she was supposed to call so I had another interview with a guy earlier this evening too and he said that he was going to continue some more interviews tonight and tomorrow and then let me know something probably tomorrow. So if I end up getting that job too then it will be full time and I will put my full time one on notice since I'm not getting the hours that I want with him right now. I'm really hoping that I get it with him too. I talked to him on Skype too. I put in for that position on  and not even 5 minutes after I put in for it I got a message from him saying meet me on Skype and I did. The other one was on I love both of those sites. I hadn't been on in awhile
So tonight I am trying to get my thoughts straight and figure out things and just take it easy and listen to Delilah on the net. Lots of love songs but not too sappy tonight! LOL...
I have a ton of thoughts on my mind and trying to figure things out. I need to get my desk more organized tomorrow and make sure that I have enough paper and ink and all that stuff on hand for the extra job(s). And I need to make sure I get things before the bad weather rolls back in!


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