Hubby's ramblings about work

So he comes in and gripes that boy this day just sucked and starts to tell me how it was busy and he didn't get any extra work done that he wanted to get done because it was just non-stop busy up there. He works at a Dollar General. Then he continues to tell me that he had to keep going back and forth from the floor to the register to help get the customers tended too. And then once I guess it got a little slower he sends the cashier on break, once he did that a few minutes later a guy comes up there and says the he is hurting and blah blah blah and that he slipped and fell on dog food or cat food in the isle. So hubby goes back there and looks and he said that there is a square on the end of one of the bags of cat food and food spilt on the floor. Hubby and another girl had been going down the isle all throughout the day and nothing was wrong with any of the bags. He said that it looked like someone intentionally cut a hole in the bag and did it on purpose. The guy was younger then hubby he said and hubby is 42 so hmm well anyway, hubby called the manager that needed to know and she will file the report on Monday since he can't do it and the guy was acting like he was hurt and sore so he wanted him to call an ambulance so hubby did...he had his car right there in the parking lot and I don't know but the sounds as if the guy did it on purpose. Hubby took pictures of the isle and things and DG will look into it...ugh!
Not that it wasn't enough for all of that to happen but the customers were lining up the isles by the time that he had taken care of the guy! Geez!! And then the guy  that was/is the cashier up goodness they need to watch better who they hire! The guy told hubby as he was taking out the drawer to count it oh there is some buffalo nickels in there and some guy paid me for them? And that he could give him the nickels and take the $1 in place of it and keep the change....uh huh and if that wasn't bad enough then hubby counted the drawer and it was $5 over and the cashier told him oh well you can just take it out and give it to me because I really need it and could use it!!! Are you kidding me??? Really??? Good grief!!!! So yea he had one of those days that where something went wrong every other minute instead of right! Glad that I had a nice relaxing day off here at home!! I know that Monday will be chaotic enough so glad that I am off the weekends!


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