Realizing that its 41 days til the election I wanted to share this...chart on how candidates compare on issues

Comparison chart on the presidential candidates on issues. Click here to see it, I didn't make this.

Wow...ok so I am still doing research to decide which way to go. I will say this, I did vote for Obama in the last election and I don't regret it at all.

My opinion is that this country was, is and will continue to be in an economic crisis no matter who is our next president.

I usually don't do this but, today I am in a blogging mood and wanted to share just my thoughts/opinions on some of the issues etc. that was asked in the chart.

Abortion - I am in the middle on this one. I believe that a woman has her own right to do what she wants with her body, but I don't agree with having an abortion just because she didn't use protection etc and got into the situation. I believe that if that was the case, then she can look into other ways such as adoption etc to  handle things. I do however agree somewhat on abortion if she was sexually abused or raped etc. So I am as I said in the middle on this one.And yes I believe that if a minor is wanting to do this then the parents need to be notified of what is going on as no one should have to go through any kind of situation like that by herself.

Alcohol- min legal drinking age be lowered from 21? That is an easy NO for me. I think that there is enough crap going on right now and that people are still not mature enough to handle drinking at the age of 21 and that is just ridiculous to lower it. I know that if they are younger and are determined to drink then they will find a way and I understand that, that is something that each individual will have to decide on there own but I think that it would harm more then anything lowering the age to drink.

China- an economic or military threat to the US? - No I don't think that China is. Maybe I'm missing something? But I don't think that it is.

Those are just a few of the first ones that I read over...So for now I will leave it at those few issues...some of the rest just frustrate and I will continue this later on tonight I'm sure...


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