ABC-Day 28 Post the best landscape photo you have ever taken.

I like this one..I love taking pics of everything, especially pretty landscaping pics. I have thousands of pics in my photobucket, you would think by now lol that I would get use to tagging pics so that I can easily find them when looking for something, but nope I haven't went back and tagged them...ugh!!

So I was going to post a pic of my grandparents house when they lived there and they always kept it so beautiful with plants and trees and shrubs and so bright and well the only pics that I have found are the ones of after they sold it and its not well kept at all. I just went back to the town where I grew up half of my life back in July. So I am sharing those pics..not very pretty the way it looks now compared to what I know that it looked like..anyway...and I wanted to share the one across the street as there's looks nice as well and like my grandparents use to look....


  1. These pics make me want to landscape my yard lol! Nice photos :)

  2. I really need to make my front yard look nicer


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