ABC-Day 25-Oprah's first question to you would be?

Hmm, well this is an interesting one for sure! I really don't know..The first thing that came to mind was something like how do you feel getting older and not knowing your real bio dad and your mom keeping this secret from you all these years?

I found out who my bio dad is about 11 years ago with no help from my mom. My grandfather had just passed away and I was so emotional and realizing that tomorrow is never I tracked down the guy that I thought was my real dad, he was the one on my birth certificate but I found out some things that my mom hasn't cared to share with me!! He married her because he loved her, she married him b/c back then you don't just pregnant and not be married. He told me the name of my bio dad. Right after that I confronted her and she had nothing to say on it. I tracked down my real bio dad and found out that I have a half brother and 2 half sisters. My half brother and my father have brunette hair like myself and I resemble both of them while my 2 sisters have black hair. So I think that the question that Oprah would ask would be dealing with all that...deep can a mother/person keep such a secret from there own child?!!


  1. I hate when people defend stuff I am ranting about but trust me, sometimes Moms do what they believe is best in the moment... and pray certain secrets are never revealed. This would make a good Oprah episode!


    (When are you writing the book?)

  2. This is really personal. Thank you for sharing this. I am sure that took some effort on your part.


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