ABC-Day 23- I hate being....

I hate being...a few things actually...I hate being over stressed!! That is never good, I get way too many bad headaches when I get over stressed about things going on. I hate being in bad moods...I like to think positive and smile all the time and try not to let things get to me like stress!! But sometimes things do happen, like computer messing up just little things like that and they put me in a bad mood because then that leads to me getting behind on things, usually work things and that is never good either.

I hate being bothered by annoying people. I hate being bothered by negative people where all they can seem to do is whine and complain. Don't they know that it gets old hearing about what is wrong in your life or what is going wrong and all won't last, you will get past it, yes it might take some time but it will pass by and you will move on.

I hate being talked about behind my back and then told that so and so said whatever...I use to let that get on my nerves but now I don't really care about that..I would just prefer that is someone has an issue/problem with me that they bring it to MY attention and not go tell everyone else about it.


  1. Some of those same things bother me as well. I am trying to work on modifying #1 (stress) in my life, especially going into the holiday season which has generally been a stressful period of time for me.

  2. I am right there with you on all of the things you listed. Trying to work on letting stress not bother me as much.

  3. Thank you ladies for the comments and yea with the holidays coming up...trying to stay calm..somewhat! LOL and hopefully we will all make it through another yet again stressful time of year and just concentrate on the joys of being with family and friends and not the stress of other things...


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