ABC-day 24-What was your best or worst first date?

Hmm, ok my first date has been so many years ago that I don't remember it at the I am going to share my first date that I remember that is coming to mind with my soon to be ex-husband.
Back then he didn't have a license or a car so if he didn't want to walk or ride his bike wherever he was going, his mom would take him around. I was 18 or 19 and he was 4 years older then me. So we were going to the movies..not sure what the movie was but it was one where I was pissed that I didn't get to see all of it!! So it must have been good.
So they came to get me and his mom dropped us at the movie theatre knowing that it was a 2 hour or so movie knowing that he didn't want her to pick us up for 2 hours!! Half way through the movie, if that!...who comes IN the theatre and taps him on the shoulder and says lets go!! HIS MOTHER!! Yep his mother comes walking in the theatre, finds us and grabs him on the arm and says lets go!!! So we leave and they drop me off...I was so ticked off because she couldn't even leave him there without her near by for a 2 hour movie??? Really?? Needless to say that we NEVER got along!! She was too overly protective of her baby boy!! WAY to over protective!! She would use binoculars to watch him across the street at work!! Yea that is just way way too weird! But that was his mom and they were quite a pair!!
So that is the first date that came to mind when I read this topic...can't wait to read about other's first dates!


  1. Binoculars? Yeah that's weird lol! Sorry you didn't get to finish the movie. That's no fun.


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