Can someone HELP me please!!??

Hi everyone. OK I wrote this a minute ago, BUT STUPID YAHOO HELL decided that it didn't want me blogging, so it erased it!! GRR!!
OK anyway, so this is what I need help with. The other day, on Cafemom I was going thru the journals and I found this blog on Obama. I thought ok, I don't know to much about him so lets read about it. To my SHOCK there was a picture on there ( I posted this on Oct 30th) anyway, there was a picture just a picture of him with some other candidates in front of the flag, standing and the other candidates had there hands over there hearts but he didn't. He was just standing there. So I decided to comment, read comments and do research and found out that there was a video to it all. So I got it and watched it, some lady singing the National Anthem and he is standing there swaying back and forth with his hands in front NOT on his heart!! First thought DISRESPECTFUL!!!!
OK now here is where I need the HELP! I would like to put this video up on YOUTUBE b/c I looked and can't find it on there, so I wanted to add it BUT I don't know how to do it. I have the link to where its from which is on photobucket and they got it from another site which I saw on anyway, I need to get that video up there on YouTube b/c I looked and they had the picture of him just standing there and the people commented saying hes doing the right thing b/c they weren't facing the flag BUT what the people didn't realize is that there was a song being sand when they took the picture so thats what I want to get out there and let the people see that he doesn't want to raise his hand and put it over his heart to the song the National Anthem THEN he says that hes NOT going to wear the lapel pin because he wants to TELL us what he thinks etc and just doesn't want to wear it!! WTF!!!???
So anyway I need someone's help, I am going to post the video again and if someone could please upload the video onto YouTube and then please leave me a comment on the link to your YouTube if you don't mind. Thank you all in advance for your help. Here is the video.


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