OMG!!! Its finally happened!!! Leon finally got a call today from Wal-Mart and he has an interview on Friday at 10:30!! WOOHOO!! Needless to say lol I am excited, thrilled, flabbergasted and beyond happy many emotions running through me right now!! LMAO!!! We got the call right after Jared came home and left to go to the little store to get him a soda. The call came in and I answered the phone, stupid caller id isn't working so I just answer all calls these days and then he asked for Leon...>WOW!!!! LOL...silly I know but I need him OUT of the house and back to work after leaving the other wal-mart back in mid February, I need him to get away and go get some money coming back in to help out. I have done it so far, but its starting to get tighter and tighter as the hours are little and slow.
So WOOHOO!! lol what a day!! I get pizza, soda, candy and I get the news of hubby probably getting hired and being gone HELL even part time I will be more then excited and thrilled at 20 hours a week. They said temp but I don't care!! is money and I don't care, I just need him OUT of the house for awhile. I need MY time just here by MYSELF without him in the other room coming in here every 30 seconds saying hey mom blah blah blah or coming in here griping or coming in here and preaching his preaching UGH!
So thats my day...hehe a good day! Hope that the rest of you have great fun and please every one of you all be safe.


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