Entry for October 29, 2007

Entry for October 29, 2007Oct 28, '07 11:02 PM
for everyone

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all had a good Monday. mine was alright, not the best, but not the worst either so no real complaining I guess. I heard from my step daughter today, finally, I was beginning to worry about her. I know that shes a big girl and can take care of herself but we were at least saying hi every day or every other day and then she just up and disappears for a week or so, so I was glad to hear that shes ok and as she said shes alive. She said that shes back at her moms, not sure what exactly happened there but I am glad to hear that she is ok and alive and safe.
So anyway, nothing to much else going on here. Can't wait til the first, I get to get out of this house and go food shopping at least. I hate the end of the month when everything is running out.
Well, less then 2 weeks until my trip to Vegas!!! I am excited and at the same time a nervous wreck!
Jared is in his room laying down, he had a bad headache when he got home so he ate his supper and then went to his room, took headache pills and is laying down, poor kid. I know how he feels, thats the way that I am like 4 out of 7 days of the week...crappy b/c of my headaches!
Leon watched some movies online last night and this morning. Hes into the movie watching now online, would of liked it better if it would of been full screen but oh well, take what you can get. I was thinking about doing the netflix thing and seeing about doing the movies online for $5 a month or so if they are still doing that.
Leon is in here laying down on my bed, he just felt sleepy...HA probably b/c he stayed up til 2 or so in the morning on the pc watching movies!! I tossed and turned ALL night long and didn't go to sleep good until this morning when the kids left at 8:30 for school. I don't know how in the world that he can say that hes tired, he hasn't done anything ALL day long but sit in front of the pc and watch movies, guess that gets tiresome after awhile...yea uh huh! MEN! He watched that movie with Nicholas Cage in it, Ghostrider or something like that...he thought it was good, not sure if I want to see it or not, the ones that I am wanting to see are Spiderman 3 and of course the HP Order of the Phoenix. I love HP!! Him and Sean watched a few parts of the SP 3 last night, I don't think that htey watched it all but some parts of it and of course they said that they were good. I want to see the whole thing, the dvd comes out tomorrow and I want it sooo bad! I put it on the kids Christmas list so we will see, maybe we will get that and a few of the other dvd's that I put on there lists.
I guess that I am going to go and watch Y&R since I missed it this morning and I am wanting to see what happened to Victoria and her baby. OMG I hope that they don't kill either of them!! That would be devastating if they let one or both of them go. I love Victoria and everything was just starting to come into place with her and then of course this happens and ruins it all.
Anyway, so I am going, I have a TON of things and issues on my mind, so I will definitely be back blogging later on to blog some more and make some money!!


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