Stupid Cable Company!

Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a great day and start to the last few days of October...everyone ready for Halloween tomorrow?? Im not! No news there though, I used to like Halloween but these days its just another day! I like the day after it though, lol when the candy and things are on clearance.
For some stupid DING BAT reason the cable company thought that it would be funny today to come out and turn off my cable!!! Why??? I don't know because they are DING BATS! I had the bill extended until tomorrow and the ding dongs decided that they would just up and come out this afternoon right after lunch and turn it off!!! The IDIOTS! So I jumped on the phone and said excuse me, you came out here and turned it off but I had it extended until tomorrow so they said alright our error they will have it turned on before the end of the day..yay! So 2 hours later right when we were bored and fixing to sit down and watch Fast and the Furious they turn it back on!!! THANK GOODNESS!! The net is how I make some extra money and my main job with Flowers, thats my job and my work so yea they better get it turned back on!!!
Sean and Jared both stayed home today, they were both burning up with a fever so rather then take the chance on them getting sick at school, they stayed home.
So since the whole job thing is done on the net and the phone, gotta keep both of em on and going. And I want to do the other job the ASI if I can ever get that money together to pay for the monthly thing and to get the free cell with the minutes. So anyway maybe by the middle of the month when I get back from Vegas I can do that and then that money will be coming in to so that will help with necessities and things since Mr Leon isn't getting off his duff to help out, he sure can dish it out griping about things but boy when I tell him then he should of gotten off his duff and helped out he gets all pissed off the idiot!
SO that is my day so far...grrr stupid men! In other news, I am leaving in 11 days, on the 10th of Nov a week from Saturday. I can't wait. Its an afternoon flight. Heck I don't even think that I have a bag to pack in!! Guess thats another thing that I need to dig for.
the boys are driving me NUTS!!! They just pester pester pester and hell even when they are sick they still seem to just want to piss each other off! Damn you would think that if they were sick that htey would freaking take a break but NOPE not them!


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