Showbiz top 5 for Wed Oct 31st

Showbiz Top 5
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5. Nicole Richie is denying gossip column reports that she's been sneaking cigarettes during her pregnancy. She is furious over the allegations and her publicist says any reports of Nicole smoking while pregnant are "irresponsible and untrue."

4. Jennifer Lopez is having a run of bad luck. After her new CD pretty much tanked and her movie with hubby Marc Anthony "El Cantante" could've been titled "Gigli II," her next movie is going straight to video. "Bordertown" is a movie about the murders of female factory workers in Mexico and it was a project close to Jennifer's heart. But it's so bad, it's going straight to video in January.

3. Would you believe Ashley Olsen is dating Lance Armstrong? She's 21; he's 36. The two of them reportedly were seen making out at a bar in NYC Monday night. She was sitting on his lap and the two of them were making out all night, until they reportedly left together at 2:00 in the morning.

2. What's the best cure for what's ailing you? Falling in love. Or at least, hanging out and having a good time with somebody. Owen Wilson reportedly is having himself a big old dose of Jessica Simpson. The two of them hooked up in Austin last week when they both took part in filming Willie Nelson's video. Now they're back in LA and the two of them were seen enjoying a romantic dinner in Santa Monica before heading back to his place in Malibu.

1. The judge has handed down his decision. Britney Spears can see her children twice a week, from noon til 7pm on one day and from noon til 10am the next. She must be supervised the entire time. According to court papers, the coach who's been monitoring Britney with her boys says she doesn't really pay that much attention to the boys when she has them. She doesn't talk to them very much or play with them. And she says when Britney DOES do something with the boys, it's not child-centered at all. She does believe, though, that Britney loves her sons and that they are bonded to her. So the judge says she can have them a couple days a week. Oh, and she has to child-proof her home by Friday. The next custody hearing is scheduled for November 26.

MY COMMENTS: OMG!!! The Olsen twin with a man that is that much older then her...come on now! What the heck are they thinking? I usually don't say to much or think to much about age difference but that just seems to young 21 with 36!

Then the thing with Britney well that just DISGUSTS me! I am not surprised that she doesn't spend to much time with them talking etc. Thats just sad though, I think that shes just tired of being a mom being so young and wants to get out and go party more then stay home and be a mom. She needs to snap out of it and if she can't or don't want to snap out of it, then maybe its better that the kids are with K-Fed, I haven't heard anything negative about him being with the kids like with her!


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