Thursday the 1st of November, very busy day

Good evening everyone. How are you all?? I hope that your all doing great! I had one heck of a busy day. I stayed up until close til 2am this morning waiting for the money to get in my account, and all the while, me stressing until it did!! lol..thats just me, a worry wart on the 1st. Everything came in like it was supposed to (Thank goodness!)
Got up this morning at 6:30, got Jared up. Got him off to school. Woke the other kids up about 7:30ish or so. Got them up and ready and off to school. Me and Leon got ready and left the house around 9:20 or so, caught the bus, went to Wal-Mart and I tell you lol we stayed in there til 12:55!!!!! I called a taxi, told them LOUD and clear, "We have 2 buggies of food, so please make sure its an empty trunk" and they said yea ok we will tell the driver...YEA RIGHT! Well here in about 2 mins later here comes this taxi, in a nice descent sized car. Could of fit all the groceries in there NO problem, but yet the idiot tells us, oh well my trunk is big but not that big we have to send you a van for that. So great we thought and gave him a look like ugh! So he calls it into his dispatcher on his cb and tells them then drives off....well a couple minutes after that, another different named taxi came to pick up an older gentleman and she said did you call a taxi and we said yea its on its way and she said if you don't mind me asking, who did you call? And we told her...and she laughed, and then smiled and said you will be here all week waiting on them! Me and Leon looked at each other like oh crap! She leaves and were standing there for another 15 minutes or so. Finally I go in to re-call the first company when this girl inside there sitting in a chair thing says " you look lost" and I said no just waiting on a cab and she said which one and I told her and she said oh you will be waiting a while, I know the dispatcher! GOOD GRIEF! Not calling that company again!!! So I walked down to the other entrance b/c there was a lady HOGGING the phone on the food end. I go and call the other taxi co that the lady was with, and sure enough lol as soon as I walk back to the other end where Leon was standing with our 2 buggies FULL of things, mostly food, here comes the first cab company and he tells us there is no van available so hes there to get us. Then Leon said something about opening the trunk...and the freaking guy says "Oh the trunk don't open, but I can help you put it in there" I am like what the hell!!?? He gets in the back seat of the car and starts pulling down the back seats to put in the groceries in the trunk!!!! UM NO THANK YOU!! lol thats about the time that the other cab pulled up lol and she got out and Leon told the idiot first cab no thanks we will go with her!! LOL......So we get in her cab and load up the trunk and then half the back seat! And the other idiot cab driver shows out and squeals his tires out of there!!!! What a freaking jerk!
So we come home about 1:45 and unload it on the porch and ground lol and then bring it in the house and unload everything. By the time were done, here comes Jared in the house.
OMG!!! The freaking store either over did the ordering of candy OR people just didn't buy candy b/c there was 1 1/2 isles of nothing but candy!!!!! So we sorta went over board! lol We didn't spend probably more then $10 but got a TON of candy!! I came home and put each kind in each of there bags for them when they got home.
Me and Jared went to the little store and got milk, bread and sodas. Then sat down and ate.
Its 7, Survivor is on and I am running late getting off of here, so I will be back in an hour and do way more blogging..have a great night!!


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