Sep 27, 2012

Its going to be a LONG weekend!

This week, well Tues-today have just absolutely flown by!! That's a good and bad thing!! LOL...My kids was out of school for 3 days last weekend including this Monday and not they are out tomorrow Friday through the weekend. I sorta like it when they are home then sometimes I don't...they have been pestering and griping/whining over stupid things with each other though for the past week or so, so I have a feeling its going to be a long weekend!! Which is good in a way because it's the weekend! But then its crappy too because they are whining/griping/pestering! Three teens (2 boys and 1 mood teen girl) equal me getting a headache and drinking strawberry daiquiris!! LOL..Which reminds me, one of them need to go to the store and buy me another bag of ice so I can make my drinks this weekend!!

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