Mar 23, 2011

Mid week already coming to and end (kinda long)

I can't believe that another week is almost gone again. Wednesday is nearly over and its another day closer to the weekend. I am glad, I need my night out tomorrow night to the casino and to Wally world to get a few things that I'm wanting, a better headset for my training next week and a few other things that we need.
I still can't believe that next week is the 1st! Where on earth has this month or better yet, this year gone too?? I need to start putting money back for the Oct/Nov birthday's and also for Christmas. My oldest son turns 18 next week on the 31st, I can't believe that its been 18 years! And then 2 weeks later my daughter turns 14. Its really crazy how the time seems to be flying by right now. And before the other 2 boys birthday's in Oct/Nov there is going to be a grandchild born in mid April or end of April...if he's not stuborn and comes sooner. My hubby's daughter is going to have her first child in April. So this year has a lot going on.
I have a lot of goals that I want to do this year and one of them was a job which I have gotten, just waiting on the training next week to start and orientation this Friday and then 11 days of training and then starting work. Since I have switched to this other client that has lesser training days I can work 40 hours a week still I believe and maybe work a little more but with the other client darn it, the over 40 hours a week was unlimited. So I am thinking that I want to do this client that I am doing the training for next week starting for the 11 days and then I will at one point...maybe after a few months or so keep working but try to fit in a training for the other client and then that way I can be certified with both of them and work whichever is giving the most hours etc. I really want to get moved into a bigger/better house though before I go all into that. I want to get moved after the kids are out of school. Not to a different town, just around here still but I need a bigger house to get me the peace and quiet that I really need during the summertime because that's going to be a challenge. With this house its ok, but the walls I swear are thinner or something and I need to be in a better place to work a lot more hours like I want. There are a few houses all 4 bedrooms that I am looking into and they are 2 stories, which I have always wanted and I am thinking that would be the best and then if the kids were upstairs or if I was up while working and they were down things would be looking into that. Lots of things going on and stressed out lately thinking about them all. I am looking on amazon for Guild Wars and might go ahead and just buy a copy of that and 1 of the expansions and then I can go on there and fight and relax when I need too. I was thinking about renewing my account with wow..but that's $15 a month and I don't play that much when I do play so we will see about that..not too sure. If I do, it will only be until Oct/Nov because when Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3 comes out, I'm getting them!

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