Jan 7, 2011


I am sitting here trying to get my head cleared from all the mumbo jumbo going on and on in it and I was looking through my email and got an exclussive offer in my email from overstock.com for a coupon of 7% off of my entire order from them! Wow that is quite a lot if you ask me! I know that its not a ton but ever little bit that we save somewhere can be put towards something else that we need or can use right?

So that got me thinking, do any of you ladies out there buy from overstock.com?

I don't get any incentives from writing about them, just thought I would ask and see what your thoughts are about the site.

Personally I love them! I have bought a computer and monitor from them a few years ago and the computer is still going and so is the monitor. Its lasting longer then a higher dollar computer that was bought somewhere else and I paid about double what I paid for the overstock one!

So I just thought I would see if anyone had anything to say about them.

With tax time coming up I am planning on buying my step daughter who is expecting her first child at the end of April, a camera so that she won't miss a minute being a new mommy :) So if you have bought a camera off of the site or anything else can you give me a heads up either good or bad. Thanks



  1. I have never bought from Overstock.com but have browsed the site several times. Let me know if you do get the camera how it worked out!
    I found you on Bloggy Moms, by the way :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi, well I ended up not buying from there for the cameras but I can tell you this, we bought a computer, desktop from them about 3+ years ago and since I bought one from Sams Club a newer and more expensive one and it quit about a year and a half after I bought it but the one from overstock is still working great! So they are a great place to buy from in my opinion. Have a great day :)


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