NaBloPoMo-Jan 2nd - Which daily tasks take up the most of your energy?

Today for the 2nd day of the NaBloPoMo, the topic/start is which daily tasks take up most of my energy?

I would have to say cooking meals I think. Sometimes I'm in the mood for cooking and other nights I'm just not in the mood for standing in the kitchen for an hour getting dinner ready. So I think that cooking would be the one that takes out the most energy.

Other then that, the most energy out of me is when my teenagers "fuss/pout" like they were toddlers! Listening to them fuss over little stupid things takes a lot of energy out of me! Why? Because it takes energy for me to just let them fuss at each other and put on my headphones and blast music!! LOL..I'm tired of jumping in the middle of them and telling them to stop fussing like toddlers, I think one of these days they will figure it out and stop...maybe?!! They are 14, 15, 17 and 19! The 19 year old usually isn't in them but sometimes he gets involved and oh brother! I have 3 sons and one daughter...


  1. I love to cook, but I despise having to cook something different for everyone! And I dread the teenage years, mine are close in age (10,8,and 6) and I just know that there will be a ton of fussing and whining.

  2. Cooking is my energy sucker too! It is truly exhausting!

  3. Yea, that is the way that my kids are...they are all teens!! 19, 17, 15 and 14 and let me tell you there is always one of them that isn't happy with things and that is why I again dread it even more. Now with baking that is another thing that I enjoy and can do with my daughter, we love baking but the cooking meals that everyone agrees on is few and far between! And yes..exhausting as well.


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