Another January Blog Challenge Day 4 - A list of your biggest pet peeves and why

Let's see...hmm....
1. No talking with your mouth full!!! That just drives me nutty not to mention rude and sounds disgusting! And the thing that gets me is that my teenagers have been raise to not do that and they are pretty good about not doing that but the crazy thing is, is that a 44 year old man still can't get it through his stubborn head that its gross!
2. If you have something to say, don't talk behind my back, say it to ME!! Don't go and call someone and talk about me and what you don't like what I do or don't do etc. And don't call someone in MY home and complain and gripe to them when I'm right here in the house!! Say it to ME!! People that talk about others and behind others backs I just don't understand that..if I have something to say I would rather tell that person then go and blab to others how I don't like what they did or didn't do etc. Have some respect and tell the actual person!
3. Fake people...people that act like they are happy and have all that and are the "perfect" so to speak family/life etc but in reality its not that great and they are in why act like you are all happy and living a life that you don't like.. I wasn't happy living the life that I have been living being married for 18 years coming this Feb and I am doing something about it, yes it took me that long to finally say hey I need to do something for ME and get out of this situation where I feel misserable! And what am I doing about it? I am getting a divorce!! Some might not agree with it and that's fine and some might not like it and that's fine and some will talk and say whatever and that's fine, until you live in my shoes don't judge.
4. Which brings me to the next one....Don't judge others until YOU have been in that situation you don't know what you would do or wouldn't do...I try not to judge others and just be there and understand how they are feeling etc and support them in whatever they feel is the right thing to do.


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