Blog Challenge - day 3 - The inspiration behind your blog name and the reason you began blogging?

Well I first got involved in blogging because my step-daughter introduced it to me on myspace about 7 years ago..hmm might of been longer..lost track of time, will have to look it up and see.

Anyway, she got me into it because she knew that I love to write my thoughts down. The name and where it came from..since the first time that I got online which was goodness 12 years ago or a little longer my first name/id that I came up with was Lisa_2900 well after awhile I got tired of the _ in between so I decided to just do the Lisa2900 and since then its stuck with me..I had this blog as just Lisa's blog but a few years 5 years or so a friend came up with an avatar/banner for me and she called me Queen of Random and that just kind of stuck with me and only about last year or so is when I finally redid my blog completely and put Queen of Random as my title.

I love my blog and I love my blog name. I am for sure the Queen of Random in more ways then one. 

I can jump from one thing to another in a matter of seconds!! LOL...I can be sitting here thinking about the holidays then teenagers and then work! So yea definitely living up to my name and I love blogging about anything and everything. I admit I am completely hooked on the Giveaways and doing the Reviews so I have been doing mostly those two things but I am doing the blog challenges this month (2 of them) and with those prompts and other things that I come across to blog about I should be able to keep this Queen of Random going so that its not only giveaways and reviews.

I love to blog about a few different things, not just one. Like my work, I can't just stick with one client, I need to have a variety of them. I stick with two fields *customer service & real estate* but other then that I need more of a variety of things and even with those two fields that I am working in, there are plenty of variety since those two fields go hand in hand!


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