Blog Challenge for January day 1 - 10 goals

January Blog Challenge Day 1 - 10 goals I'm setting for myself this year...non-blog related..

1. Getting myself contacts and new glasses.
2. Going on my trip to Rome, Italy for my 40th birthday with one of my best friends.
3. Becoming a single mom
4.Getting my own place
5.Be happy ....
6.Moving up in my career.
7.Take a road trip to Graceland.
8.Take a mini-trip to Vegas maybe
9.Get a smaller vehicle/car
10.Set up a better organized home office.

And I will be doing all of those things and more by the first 6 months of the year. Maybe the trip to Graceland might be towards the end of the year but everything else by the end of 40th birthday.

This year is going to be special because I am turning the big 40...some people dread it..I'm looking forward to it since I am planning to spend a week in Italy with one of my best friends. I am going to be in Rome and then Florence and is going to be so amazing!! I haven't ever been further then well..hmm Canada and that was back when I was a this is going to be a great year. I am doing things for me to better me and make me happy. My kids are teenagers and they have everything and are happy, now its my turn to get my contacts that I haven't had since I was pg with my 2nd son who just turned 17. Its time for me to get a car and not have to worry about hauling kids around, they can ride there bikes or ride with friends or find other ways. I am getting my own place and becoming a single mom again but I am looking So forward to it! I think I'm more anxious and ready to get out there and be on my own then anything.
Happy New Year everyone!!


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  2. I hope you reach all your goals and enjoy yourself in italy!!

  3. Thank you Jennifer :) Can't wait to post pics and share on my blog ... a WHOLE WEEK in Italy!!! I am soooo excited!!


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