January Blog Challenge day 2 - 5 blogging goals, and your plan to achieve them

For today's January Blog Challenge  for day 2, the topic is 5 blogging goals and my plan to achieve them.

Let's see....

1. Stay involved/active on my blog. Around the holidays I was MIA...I have been blogging for more then 7 years. I use to do just a personal blog but then started doing it to where I wanted to share things with others. I love my blog SO much, I have a shirt that says I heart blog or something like that .. lol I haven't worn it in awhile and forget exactly what it says..I've had it for years and have worn it out! It was on Rosie O'Donnell's site years ago and I had to have it :) I am determined to stay active no matter what I am doing and how busy or chaotic it gets around here I will stay more active. Even if that means scheduling posts...I will stay active and fresh :)

2. I absolutely am hooked on the Giveaways that are out there for the bloggers to get involved with. So another goal of mine is to keep adding more giveaways on my blog and stay active with them. I love them! I just started hmm, back in Sept or so with the Giveaways.

3. Visit more of my followers blogs and comment more. I appreciate my readers who stop by and enter the giveaways, read a blog, leave a comment .. any time anyone stops by here I appreciate it. How will I accomplish this...I am going to start keeping a log of followers and anyone that comments and go visit them and comment back to them.

4. Get my name out there more. I want to get my name out there so that people know oh I know that blog or oh I know that name etc. I want to get a great rep going. How will I accomplish this..by staying active and blogging about different things and sharing them on twitter etc.

5. Lets see...hmm, my 5th blogging goal...is to start adding more things like pics and music videos and such. I want my blog to pop and stay alive...I have found that I don't put that many pics up with the blogs and that they are just "plain jane" I want to add more color and pics and music and other things to my blog and make it more unique.


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