Another ice/snow storm!

Wow this is something for the first day of February. My goodness!! There is snow and ice everywhere. I didn't really think that it was going to happen!! Should of known better but they had said that it was coming Saturday night and then it didn't so I thought ok they are wrong and they will be wrong again...nope this time they were right!
So around midnight it started raining, no ice or anything, just raining and not hard..just a little not a lot So I thought ok well I need to get out and get a few things and it doesn't look bad so I got out with Leon and went to Wal-Mart. Omg! It was freaking packed and this was after midnight close to 12:30! So we went in there,him griping and complaining the whole freaking time...Men! I told him to shut up or start walking home I wasn't in the mood for it! I got what I needed and then stood in line for 15 minutes or so. It wasn't that bad. The lines were long though but at least they had plenty of cashiers this time.
What drove me nutty is when I first got there, I went to the ATM there and there was a lady at it already and she had money and cards in her hands. She then kept sliding one in the machine and putting in her pin or whatever and it kept beeping at her! After about 6 times and me making a loud sigh like come on already. She finally gave up and turned around and said to me "I don't know what's wrong with the machine!" oh brother woman could it be because you don't have any money on your card! Ugh! I did my thing, got the money fine and walked on...I never take my time when I know there are people behind me I hurry and ifI mess up then I move and let others go and then me again. Geez.
So after we got what we needed and got checked out about 1am we went to go out the doors and it was now pouring down really really bad. I ran to the van and got in and let Leon put all the bags which weren't that much in the back of the van. It thundered loud a few times and made me jump! It was lightening up a storm too! Finally got home and I backed up the van to the porch so we wouldn't have to get too soaked trying to get things in.
Then we decided ok well its still not that bad so lets go ahead and head to the casino since its not that far from here and its just rain nothing serious...uh huh!
Lol..don't ever go out if the weather says a snow storm is coming your way! Lol...yea I learned my lesson on that one.
Kids were tucked in bed and my oldest was up and helped get the stuff in. Then we left and went to the casino, still just raining about 1:30ish or so. We got there went in and about 3 we looked outside and it had stopped raining so we thought ok were winning a little lets keep playing. So we kept playing and winning a little here and there and finally about 5:40 we thought ok time to go! We went to the doors and omg all we saw was white on the ground!! We walked out to the van which was one of about 6 vehicles there! And the doors were iced shut! Just great..getting hit with ice coming down really hard and hurting us! I went back in the casino and he stayed out there a few minutes and tried to open the doors. He came back in and then went back out a few times and after about an hour he finally got a door open and we got home about 6:50! Long morning!!


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