Last day of January already!

So this is the last day of January. Wow already! This month has really flown by. So the new month is around the corner. I am planning for it to be a great month and I will have a great rest of the year.
Great things are going to happen in the upcoming months, especially February and March. I am looking forward to the rest of the year now for sure.
This year is for changes and I am making them, little by little each and every day...change is a good thing, change can be for the best and that's what I am hoping for..the best for my kids and myself.
And I believe that things happen for a reason. I went to the store the other day I think it was Thursday evening and the car that I had fallen for and wanted so bad...already gone! So I guess that wasn't meant to be. So I am going to give my van a good oil change and tune up soon probably Friday morning while I'm shopping at Wally world and then if I want to take any long trips and am not too sure about the van..I will just rent a car I guess. I want to take the kids to the zoo in Oklahoma City and take them to see their great grandmother who they haven't seen in a few years. So I am planning on renting a vehicle to do that. From enterprise its only about $75 or so to rent it from Friday until Monday so thats a pretty good deal. And it will be a great trip I'm sure. I will take my van around here and off 30 minutes or possibly an hour away but I don't want to run it in the ground taking it 3-4 hours away. We will be making that trip the weekend that the kids are out of school for a 4 day weekend maybe or maybe this upcoming weekend..not sure but will figure out something soon.
Hopefully the money won't be further delayed! Should know for sure I would think Wednesday.


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