Bachelor Tonight!!

oh I am SO addicted to the Bachelor!!!!!! I can't wait for it to come on and yes so I can holler at the tv and tell him to send that chic Michelle HOME!!! I don't like her and her attitude just really isn't that great or flattering!! I still don't understand why he has kept her around this long..doesn't look to me like they have any sparks or anything like that going on while him and Emily and Ashley they look cute together and you can tell that their is something there....we will see tonight what happens!! oh yea and this is the night that Michelle was on the previews and telling him "now lets go send some girls home!" or something like that!! Who the hell does she think she is??? Really??? ICK! She isn't even half as pretty as the girls that he freaking sent home!!

I hope that he gets it together tonight and sends her packing!!!!


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