So I chose SoyLicious Candles as one of my businesses

So I chose SoyLicious Candles as one of the businesses I am going to get into. I enjoy working from home and figured I would choose 1-3 businesses to get into and see how they do. I am looking into joining Melaleuca through a lady that I found last week, waiting until Friday to get in and start the ordering and all that. And I am looking into Avon too since I have always been interested in it but never became a rep for them. There are still a few more that I am looking into but those are my top ones. I love candles so I figured that SoyLicious would be a good one. It just cost $19 to start and then you can order $30 a month in things or you can just pay the $10 to keep that is good incase one month you just don't need or want any extra candles or anything.
If you have a business that you want me to look into, email me or leave me a comment with your info and or link or whatever and I will look into it. Tax time is the best time to get into things and then hopefully in a couple of months things will pick up and see if I can do good and continue making a good part time income to start out from the businesses. 

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