Winter Storm on its way!! Fun!!!

So the kids come home today after school and the first words out of their mouths is mom they warned us this morning that we could be out of school tomorrow. Wonderful just what I wanted to hear!! The weather had said that it was supposed to of been crappy with the wintry mix on Saturday night but it didn't do anything so now they are saying that its going to do it tonight starting at 2am there is a 100% chance of rain/sleet/etc tonight through whenever tomorrow. So that's that.
It was 50 here today and over the weekend it was in the low 70s and now its supposed to get to like 17 and highs in the 20s or so if were lucky! Everybody is panicking and going out and getting all kinds of stuff to be prepared for the storm that's coming. I hope that everyone is ok and it turns out to not be that crazy out like they think.
I was planning on getting out tonight and going to Wally world and getting a few things and then off to the casino since February is Leon's anniversary month and in my anniversary month which was back in Aug. That is when I won a few hundred dollars and had a ton of fun! So I am hoping that with his being in February that he will win a lot. Might as well spend a few dollars and go and try.


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