Working from home is awesome!!

Good evening everyone. I had a very busy busy busy and long day today but all in all it was a good one. I got a ton of work done which I am very excited about. There are some days that I don't think I get that much done, today I know that I got a ton done and that feels good :)
So there are a ton of ways to work from home and make money. The thing is that you have to WANT it enough to do it and go with it and stick with it and start making money. You can do the paid to click emails, they work but you have to stay constant with them, like an hour or whatever each day. The point is if you put in the time, you can make some good money and down the road when you have the discipline to work from home, you can make a living from working at home, I do and I absolutely love it and wouldn't change it for the world.
I work a work at home job as a customer service care rep for a great company. I got promoted and got a raise within the first week!! So yea I absolutely love working it. It is a stressful job at times and at times I do find myself getting frustrated with some of my co-workers BUT when it comes to the clients I put that aside and I treat them with the upmost respect like they need and deserve to be treated like and I get there problems solved even if I have to make a call that I am not to sure that my supervisor would approve I make the call for the customer such as an extra % off the next order or free shipping etc I do that sometimes and have been told that is fine so sometimes I take it upon myself to do whatever I can just to make the customer happy. That's what my job is and I love it.
This morning I had a great time talking on the phone with a man that originally hired me to do some appointment setting. I have been so bombarded with things that I haven't gotten to much of that done yet. He read some of my blogs and thought it would be cool to share some things with me that might help me and I really appreciated him doing that and taking the time out of his busy life and schedule to show me some things and to chat with me and get some things out there. I enjoyed talking with him and I look forward to working with/for him for a very long time. He set me up, showed me 2 awesome things that I believe will help everyone one way or another. I will share those 2 things very soon. I have to get them situated and learn more about them and such before I tell all of you about it.

I want to touch base with some other ways that you can make money on here besides the getting paid to click.

Mystery Shopping, now I know for a fact that YES you can make money at it, because I have done it and loved it. Now the downside to it is that no you don't get rich from it. But yes you can make pretty good money with it. The other downfall somewhat is that you have to go to the place lets say K-mart and buy something say for $5, doesn't usually matter what it is so you can get something that you will actually use and need. You always pay in cash and you always make sure you get the receipt. Now after you pay the $5 for your item, you go home and scan a copy of the receipt to the website or to the manager or whoever they tell you to send it to or fax it in. Then when its approved which most companies don't take that long maybe a couple of days to accept it. They will pay you the $5 back for the item and then so much on top of it. You will ALWAYS know how much the shop is paying before you go do it. They can pay from $5 up to $25 or more. It depends on the company, if they are in a crunch to hurry and get the shop done etc and sometimes they pay you an extra say $20 to travel 30 minutes from your town/city and then you decide if you want to do it or not. NOT all of them pay you for traveling though. You sign up and tell them how many miles you are willing to drive and they give you a list from there. I enjoyed it. I haven't done it in awhile, haven't had the time but its great and if you like going in the store and walking around and just looking to see how everyone treats you etc. And if the store is clean etc then you will like mystery shopping. Also there are all sorts of stores to do. Clothing stores, fast food like Taco Bell, Sonic, Long John Silvers and even little places that you wouldn't think could or would use a mystery shopper..think again...I think that every store has at least one mystery shopper, even at the littlest places because the owners want to know and make sure that the employees and people that are running the places are doing there jobs.

There are other options out there to. You just have to look and do your research. I have been hired from and and I love them all and they are FREE to sign up with.
I got a lot done today. Glad that its coming to an end. I was so drained that I took a nap on the couch while watching TV! I hardly ever do that. And got up just in time for the GDI training conference/webinar which the guy that did it tonight...ugh I hope that he doesn't do it next week..he sorta stunk at it! He was breaking out and talking about other things and to sticking to the point and it just wasn't good.
There are a lot of opportunities and things out there on the net and off but mostly on as I have found, where you can stay home and make a descent amount of money. I make my living here at home. I have 4 kids and my husband is the housedad so to speak. So if I can do it, so can you.
Have a great night, and enjoy your Friday tomorrow! TGIF!!


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